Novels by Rod Marquardt

Keller’s Den

Ages ago, in June of 1690, a peaceful European island colony (Kaventhe) thrives. The small island village in the Atlantic Seas has been governed by generations of autocracy. Savov Keller, a devout, respected, and passionate leader operates Kaventhe with the systematic rules established by his gritty forefathers who were determined to see the island function efficiently. Unbeknownst to Savov, an invasion of belligerent soldiers ruled by Thad Keller, Savov’s non-conforming son who could not accept the unusual beliefs and practices indoctrinated by Kaventhe’s forefathers, would  suddenly and viciously end the island’s settlement and propel a legion of angry kindred spirits.

Body Parts

With ailing health, Stella Jennings waits for a new heart. Fortunately, she is next on the ‘Waiting List,’ an organ transplant organization which is controlled by a large government agency. But things don’t always go as planned. Could somebody with great wealth and power buy their place ahead of her, causing her death? Stella’s daughter, Ellen, unable to accept corruption and unable to achieve retribution through the legal system, seeks her own revenge. Her sorrow and bitterness evolve into anger and hostility. Using her medical background and a grudging, vindictive heart to fuel the fire, she creates her own remedial yet profitable institution, an underground ritual that will allow her to retaliate against the society that disrespected her mother to death.

A Passage to Home

During his darkest hours, he finds encouraging notes and mysterious bottles of blue nectar that contain remedial powers. He soon learns about an entity called ‘Fate’ which controls dominion beyond the comprehension of mankind. Billy is offered an incredible opportunity; one that would allow him to live a life he once cherished, but not one without sacrifices. He struggles with the plausibility of Fate’s existence and purpose, but understands that the rewards of such an offering could be tremendous.

Black Widows

Carla and George Hartman were married almost thirty years until late one rainy evening George finds Carla floating face down in the lake by their house. He explains to investigators that she must have slipped on the dock, hit her head, and fell into the lake. Something doesn’t quite set right with George’s youngest son and he wonders if his father has inherited the same genes as his schizophrenic grandfather. George commits appalling acts to comfort his frazzled mind. In death, Carla and her sister unite as one to seek revenge.